Elect a Biker!!

Imagine a politician dressed in leather pulling up to each stop along the campaign trail on his or her custom chopper, and telling it the way it is. Gets up on the podium, taps the microphone, is this thing on? Ahem.. Hi America! Thanks for letting me spew for a few. (lights a cigarette) Ok in order to be here today I had to kiss alot of political ass, vote for things that I was against and made a bunch of errors in judgment along the way, then had to lie about it all. But that's the way ya get to the top in this game. Don't connect me with any party, unless you're throwin' one. From now on, there's no more Republicans or Democrats, and you cant vote unless you pass a test proving you know what the candidates stand for, and you appear to have a fukkin clue as to what the issues are. (that eliminates the moron vote) The Declaration of Independence starts out, "We the People" and from now on, if elected thats the way its gonna be. No matter what pops up as an issue, you get to vote.  Weather it concerns Helmet laws, smoking bans, war, whatever. Its up to you, I'm only your voice. By the way it also says if your government doesn't represent you as a people, you have the right to absolve it. (thats right.. ABSOLVE IT!)  Imagine if we had the balls these days... *POOF*... guess I'm dreamin again huh?  Seems every four years we step into a booth and pull a lever the same way we pull on a one armed bandit hoping for the best and payin through the nose for it along the way. What I'm sayin is that complacency pisses me off and unless we get more involved we'll never have the voice that we fight for and deserve. Do something! Get involved!  Have a voice! Join something like A.B.A.T.E.  or the N.R.A. or  S.T.W. (shoot the whiners) (my favorite.)

My name is Mischief, and I approve of this message...

There...now with that said,  helluva Summer we had huh? Remember that nice week we had in September?  I actually got out and rode! Woo hoo! Hit a few great annual parties met some new friends and blew my clutch tryin to beat the rain. Now the leaves are fallin and its time to see Grott at The Hog Farm for some new parts and treat myself to a complete rebuild.  Seems everyone I know had a crazy year tryin to fit everything in, get everything done, and enjoy every spare moment. Great to see Dave O. Back in good health, better spirits and a Sam Adams in his hand again!  High five Bro!.. I've written at least a dozen of these little articles for Cyberspokes in the last year and understand that they couldn't be published because of your health issues, but next year will be different. I promise!!! (that last part about all I wrote was a complete lie) I should be a politician.

 Ride Free!


If guns cause crime, then pencils 
cause misspelled words.

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Dr. Phil says: 
"Helmet Laws Suck!"

         You Decide!