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Food Bank of WNY

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Motorcycle Run
Cruise &  Benefit Party 

Mark your calendar, save the date, get the day off work if you have to. 
Good people, cool music, hot bikes & cars, and a GREAT TIME. 
EVERYONE is welcome... bikes, cars, or your own two feet! 
This is a TOTAL BENEFIT for The Food Bank of WNY
Food, drink, 50/50, raffle prizes, and more. 
You won't want to miss this event! 


Business Owners:  We are now accepting donations for raffle prizes.  Free Advertising!

Thanks to YOU (and Mother Nature), Last year's was a HUGE success and everyone had a GREAT time!!  

A special thanks to our photographers Todd Charnock and Lisa Hinterberger. If you would like to experience their fine work call "Charnock Studios" at 716-549-2648.

A special special thanks to:
The Bar King Spiders
Ron Rack the best "Video Camera Man" around!
Sharon, Carolyn, Michelle & Laura for raffle tix & t-shirt sales help.
Fred & Brad for parking & road captain duties.
Gary D. for loaning us "Spider Grove".
Unfortunately, I've recently been diagnosed with CRS, so if I forgot to mention you please drop me an email.  
Oh, for those of you who don't know, the CRS disease is Can't Remember Shit.

Please support last year's raffle prize donation vendors: ShinyBike.com, Native Pride Smoke Shop, J&P Cycles, Genuine Cycle, Gowanda Harley Davidson, V-twin Cycles, and  Wood-Mars Rise-n-Dine. Click on any of these names to visit their web site.

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If you see a picture of yourself or your bike/car here, please EMAIL us with any details (your name, bike specs, etc.) that you would like listed here.

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Cyberspokes President, "Dave O" (middle) presents
Scranton Volunteer Fire Company's Chief, Mike Guadagno
(left) and President, Kurt Covert (right) with the donation 
which was collected from our bike run.

The whole gang on the hill at "Spider Grove". 

Ready to Ride!

It's the end of the run and you can almost smell the beer.  And The Bar King Spiders!

Fred, Brad and Dave O leading the pack.

It seemed like ALL the beautiful women were at the Cyberspokes party!

The Bar King Spiders kept the place rock'in all day long!

You can click on any of the images below to see a larger picture.

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More than just hot bikes made it to the party!  Jim & his Nova, Gary & his blown ElCamino SS,
Dave and Cindy with their classic yellow Cougar Eliminator, and Gary brought his Goat AND the Spidervan.

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Here's Beeb with his girlfriend Carol and their dog "Sneakers".  Not only does "Sneakers" 
like sporting a Cyberspokes shirt but, HE RIDES TOO!

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Mitch & Lisa on the Heritage Softail "Rumble Bee"

sharndav1.jpg (144187 bytes)
Sharon & Dave O on the FLH Chopper

lobagr_Lside1.jpg (87956 bytes) lobagr_back2.jpg (93520 bytes) lobagr_back1.jpg (127053 bytes) lobagr_tank1.jpg (107475 bytes) lobagr_Rside1.jpg (125204 bytes) 
Rob Colantino's 98 FLHT: This baby is show AND go!  3 sets of chameleon flames and custom paint 
by Jimmy Shine, Ness rear fender, stretched tanks, Danny Gray seat, PYO rear lights & dash Mackie heads, 
SE ignition, 42mm Mikuni carb... the list goes on!  You can also see Rob's bike on the Harley Happening site at http://www.hollywoodtheater.org

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Here's Kevin Gensler and his SWEET burgundy-wine 1986 FXR!
This puppy was built by Scott Fentzke form Performance Fabrication.
That's Kevin cleaning the sucker in the background.  Hey, isn't that
Ralph's Fatboy there too???

mschf_shml1.jpg (138363 bytes) mschf_brad1.jpg (143028 bytes) 
Michelle and Brad with Mischief.
Check out the "Custom Cyberspokes Shirt"!

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Steve Sabuda's awesome 98 Heritage Softail

orangeST.jpg (167015 bytes)
Cliff and his nice Softail

jaynjan_sporty1.jpg (113753 bytes)
Jay & Jan sport'n their Sporty

hermdogRside.jpg (145274 bytes) hermdogfender.jpg (102716 bytes) hermdogrear.jpg (70503 bytes) hermdogtank.jpg (101246 bytes)
Check out the wild paint job Curt Herrmann's 97 Hermdog Fatboy

hooper1.jpg (109633 bytes) hooper2.jpg (141768 bytes)
Here's Hooper's "Joker" Shovelhead Springer

lauragreg1.jpg (61494 bytes) todd.jpg (55752 bytes) lisa1.jpg (107624 bytes) 
That's Laura & Greg and their Sporty; Michelle with
our photographer Todd Charnock; and our other
photographer Lisa Hinterberger on Greg's Sportster.

markgrace.jpg (90831 bytes)
Mark & Grace with
their 93 Heritage

roadking1.jpg (152480 bytes)
Sharp Road King!

bluenwhiteRside.jpg (96423 bytes) bluenwhiterear.jpg (66910 bytes) bluenwhitehyper.jpg (109671 bytes)
Pat O'Connell's 92 Sporty, wide glide front end, 21" front wheel,
 lots of extras, paint and tribal design by Lee Baker, 
Striping/air brush by Mike Miller, Spider web by Bob Kalman


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Sally Shaw rides up on her sporty for a Drive-thru Pony-tail Chop.

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Jeff's Tiger tat takes a smoke break with Carmell, Brenda and Pat.
Pat (aka Otis, aka Angus) belts out some AC/DC with The Bar King Spiders.

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More Bar King Spiders!


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If you see a picture of yourself or your bike/car  here, please EMAIL us with any details (your name, bike specs, etc.) that you would like listed here.

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