2004 Run

2004 Cyberspokes Food Bank Run
Recap & Pictures:

Mark your calendars!
We'll see you again the last Saturday of every April.

Next year's run is April 30th 2005.

Congratulations to Larry Coker from Kenmore, NY!!!  

Dave O with Larry Coker and his custom-painted 100th Anniversary Road King.

Larry was the lucky winner of our FREE RAFFLE for that awesome Metal Chopper Desktop Sculpture.  It stands 14 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 7" high AND it plays music!  Keep an eye out next year for the fluorescent Food Bank Run 2005 "Free Coupons" at your local bike shops and other local businesses. They're worth holding on to!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who made our "Fourth Annual Cyberspokes Food Bank Run & Chopper Show" the biggest and most successful one ever.  We eventually lost track but at last count we had over 130 bikes and 275+ people.

The food by Mario's Italian Kitchen was delicious, and Mark, Joelle, and the rest of The East Eden Tavern staff kept the drinks flowing perfectly.  And as usual, The Bar King Spiders made sure everyone had a great time!  Even during those rare times when the dance floor was not full, there was plenty of moving & shaking going on.  

The bikes in the "Cyberspokes County Chopper Show" were some of the finest work I've ever seen.  It's amazing to see so many fine craftsmen right here in Western New York.  I also overheard quite a few people discussing with the vendors what they wanted for their next paint-job or custom work.  

I'm sure by now everyone is sick and tire of hearing about my recent illness, operations, and marathon hospital stays, (so am I) but it sure does make you appreciate friends and family a bit more in life.  When I was in the hospital and at home sick for all those months, it really brought a smile to my face every time I would get a get-well card, gift or phone call.  Not to get too philosophical on everyone but, I truly believe that if everyone could just think about how they felt after someone closed to them died, or a time when they were seriously ill, you would forget about all the petty B.S. and then you could concentrate on what is REALLY important in life.

It was great to see so many return-offenders at this years event. That's a great sign.  We must be doing something right!  It was also cool to talk to alot of first-times who said, "We will definitely be here next year!".  Hmmm.... let's see...  bikes + good music + good food + beverage +good people = great time.  I ain't no Einstein but that sounds like a winning formula to me!

One thing which was really nice to see was so many of my family members at this year's event.  My sisters Lorrie, Kathy, and my niece Becky along with her friend Amy had such a great time at our 2003 event, that this year they brought my mother-in-law Mary, my brother Chet and his wife Mar, AND my brother-in-law Tom!  They all enjoyed themselves and most of them saw people they knew at the event.  It just goes to show you that even Non-Bikers can have fun at a Biker Event. I think I even overheard Chet and Tom talking about buying a couple of Fatboys??

I also was very happy to see Grott & Ruthie from The Hog Farm come down to the event!  Although they've consistently been donating their $100 gift certificate every year to support the cause, this is the first year they were able to sneak out of their busy shop on a Saturday and join us.  

We raised $894  from 50/50 & raffle ticket sales, cash donations, and can cooler sales. That's more than double the $316 that was raised in 2003.
It's great to see that there are so many generous people out there who are willing to Help the Hungry!  Even our 50/50 winner ended up giving $100 back of her winnings to The Food Bank.  That's what it is all about.

Unfortunately, there were less Food Donations than last year. The barrels from Spider Grove and East Eden Tavern weighed in at 1,134 pounds, which was 271 pounds short of what we did in 2003.  I'm not sure why this was the case but I would be interested in your feedback.  ???
I know we definitely had more people and bikes than last year, and although we did get a few cash donations instead, it was probably less than five people that chose that route.  And actually, the ones that did, we're quite generous ($10-$20).

Someone said they saw a few guys getting off their bikes with a single 4-ounce can of tuna.  I  know most folks did not follow this trend.

We did have a couple people complaining about the food being served too late, or it being too crowded.  REMINDER: Everyone who puts together this event are volunteers.  We are not one of those $50 per-person, corporate-sponsored, rallies which was formed by a bunch people jumping on the latest "Bikers Spend Money, Let's Get Some" craze.  We do the best we can with what we have.  Please feel free to volunteer to help us next year.  We would really appreciate the help!  I wonder if these complainers were the same ones sneaking in with the one can of 4-ounce tuna (or nothing).

Anyways, this event was such a great run AND such an excellent party, so I won't waste anymore space talking about the insignificant negative stuff.

As usual, I like to give my disclaimer:
I know I will probably forget someone since I suffer from CRS (Can't Remember Sh#t), but I really need to say THANK YOU to a few special folks who made it all possible...

Thanks to YOU! All the bikers of WNY! - You are the people who are willing to take time out of your busy weekend schedule to attend our little event.
Event Flyers & Publications - Sharon O.
Cyberspokes Table Duties - Sharon O. & Carolyn. Without these two girls and all their hard work, Cyberspokes would not exist!
Bike Show Participants - Tri-Cycles Custom Trikes, First Place Finishes, Brian LeBarron & Gowanda Harley Davidson, Carl, PW, Brad "Mischief Man", Bob Reid, Larry Werkmeister, Bob Gabri, Vicious Cycles, Dave Kaufman. 
Run Check-in Location use - Gary from Bar King Spiders, "Spider Grove"
The band
- The Bar King Spiders
Party Facilities
- Mark from East Eden Tavern. Bartenders: Joelle, Dave Martin
Food Buffet -
Mario's Italian Kitchen (inside The East Eden Tavern)
Raffle Tix & 50/50 Sales
- Laura, Marissa, Amanda, Wendy, Barbadoo, Nanny-goat, Sharon
Photography - Nanny-goat, Cindy, Rainman & Sandy-STMC, Sharon O, Lori S - Food Bank WNY, Marilyn O, Kathy O, Ronny-goat (Video).
Traffic Duties - STMC, Brad "Mischief Man", Otis, Dave Martin, Ron Hole, Carl, Tony, Slacker (lived up to his name :)
Setup - Carolyn, Sharon, Ron Hole, Wendy, Laura, Wayne Price, Dave Martin, Barbadoo.
Check-in Duties - Nanny-goat & Brenda
DJ & Sound System - Rainman-STMC from Your Choice Sound, Greg from "Sound By Slick"

Raffle Prize Donors & Sponsors listed below

ABATE of Erie/Buffalo
ABATE of Niagara
Wylde Chyld Cycle Supply
Regents Riders
and anyone else I forgot!

(Feel free to email me if I forgot you!)

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You can double-click on any of the small pictures to see a larger image.
They are hi-rez, so they might take a while if you have a slow link.
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Checkout more cool pictures on our Cyberspokes MySpace Page!


2004 Run

Cyberspokes 4th Annual
Food Bank of WNY

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Motorcycle Run, Car Cruise, Chopper Show 
&  Benefit Party 
April 24, 2004 
(The last Saturday every April)

Mark your calendars!
We'll see you again the last Saturday of every April.

2005 run is April 30th 2005, location TBA.
Info below is for the 2004 run.

2004 Photos <-NEW
BEFORE YOU LOOK AT THE PHOTOS: Please take a quick at our generous sponsors below.  
Visit their web sites and establishments and support them.  Believe me, there are plenty of other businesses that we've approached over the years for help and many did not want anything to to with bikers.

See us on

Wed. 4/21/04 6 AM

Mark your calendar, save the date, get the day off work if you have to. 
Good people, cool music, hot bikes & cars, and a GREAT TIME. 
EVERYONE is welcome... bikes, cars, or your own two feet! 
This is a TOTAL BENEFIT for The Food Bank of WNY
Food, drink, 50/50, raffle prizes, and more. 
You won't want to miss this event! 
 For more info: 716-649-0797
 Check it out! 

This event will be listed on the

Hog Report

Enter to win:

A ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR gift certificate from The Hog Farm!
A ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR gift certificate from V-Twin Cycles Tonawanda!

Custom Painted Biker Mail Boxes from First Place Finishes
Four $50 Gift Certificates from Native Pride Smoke Shop

A Buffalo Sabres hockey jersey autographed by Rhett Warrener 
Gift Basket (hat, polo shirt & more) from The Food Bank of WNY
T-shirt from God's Armor Bearers M.C.

Gowanda Harley will be on hand offering $5 chances to win a Harley Davidson Sportster XL883 to support the restoration of Gowanda's historic Hollywood Theater.

Wylde Chyld Cycle Supply will be at the event with their new and unusual clothing & motorcycle related items at discount prices.

All bike run participants will get a FREE run button, custom designed by The Button Factory.

Awesome black & silver chopper can-coolers will be available for only $4 by Impact Promotions.

Pick up information from American Bikers Aimed Towards Education - ABATE of Buffalo/Erie and learn  how you can support your freedom of the road!

Thank you HS&E for your generous $250 donation to the Food Bank!

The Food Bank of WNY's mission is to obtain food and support from public and private sources and efficiently redistribute these resources to affiliated charitable providers such as soup kitchens, pantries and shelters.

Thanks to YOU (and Mother Nature), the 2003 event was our biggest and most successful run ever, and everyone had a GREAT time!!  We raised several huge barrels of food donations weighing in at 1,405 pounds AND raised $316 from 50/50 and raffle ticket sales!


-> ** Check out our pictures from previous years! ** <-
2001 Photos
2002 Photos
2003 Photos
2004 Photos

Checkout more cool pictures on our Cyberspokes MySpace Page!

Business Owners:  Thank you for your raffle prize donations.  Free Advertising AND you help support a good cause!

Please support last year's 2003 raffle prize donation vendors:  
Native Pride Smoke Shop
, Gowanda Harley Davidson, V-Twin Cycle  , The Hog FarmFirst Place Finishes, PIMP-Pig Iron Motorcycle Performance, Tops Markets, Buffalo Sabres, STAB-Southtowns Allied Bikers M.C., God's Armor Bearers M.C., Lakeview Landmark, Wylde Chyld Motorcycle Accessories, Arizona Gifts, and Operating Tech Electronics.


Bike Run/Cruise 2004: check-in at noon, run leaves at 1:00 SHARP from "Spider Grove" 1822 Davis Road (NY-240) at Behm Road, West Falls, NY. Phone: 716-687-1852 (just 2 miles outside of Orchard Park)  It's a short  run to the Benefit Party.  
*Don't forget to bring a piece of "kickstand wood" just in case the grove's grass is still a bit moist!
Rain or Shine. 
If you can't make it for the run/cruise, please join us for the Benefit Party!

Admission Fee?:
  Admission to the Run/Cruise and the Benefit Party is FREE to anyone who brings at least two "non-perishable food" item donations (box, can, bag, etc.).  Admission includes live music by everyone's favorite biker band, The Bar King Spiders, and a tasty Italian Food Buffet. There will also be a "cash bar" available.  Rock & Roll, Dance and frolic to the Portable Sound System Entertainment by "Sound by Slick".


Cyberspokes County Choppers Show

"Cyberspokes County Choppers Show":  No judging or trophies...  just a few select bikes on display under the parking lot tent for everyone to drool over.  What makes this show so unique is the heavy emphasis and priority which will be put on show-casing work done by local Western New York craftsmen and motorcycle shops. This is a special invitation to bike owners and select WNY motorcycle dealers, repair shops, builders, painters, and customizers. Space is very limited!  Show your pride & joy! AND support a great cause.  If you are interested call Dave O at 716-649-0797 ASAP!  DEADLINE IS APRIL 18th.
**You can also access the printable BIKE SHOW APPLICATION.

Custom Bikes will be on display from First Place FinishesGowanda Harley Davidson, Tri-Cycles- Custom Trikes, and more!


This event will be listed in: Easyriders Magazine American Motorcycle News Network, Walneck's Classic Cycle Trader, The Hog Farm What's Happening, BikerSource.com, ArtVoice Magazine, NightLife Magazine, Lackawanna Front Page, The Penny Saver, The Sun & The Erie County Independent, The Niagara Gazette, Thunder Press, and many more.  
It is will also be listed in the Buffalo News Local and Buffalo News Gusto!!!!!!!!!!


metalchop2.jpg (29614 bytes)
Metal Chopper Raffle
-Keep an eye out for the fluorescent Food Bank Run "Free Coupons" at your local bike shops and The Hog Farm Swap Meet in April. Fill out the back and bring it to the East Eden Tavern on 4/24/04 for your chance to win this awesome Metal Chopper Sculpture. It stands 14 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 7" high AND it plays music!



CHECK IN AT 12:00 NOON 1822 Davis Road (NY-240) at Behm Road, "Spider Grove" West Falls, NY 
(Directions to the Grove coming from near the Erie County Fairgrounds - corner of McKinley and Clark Street) 
Take Clark Street towards Orchard Park 
Right on Armor Duells (Hoak's restaurant is on the corner ~ there are 2 street signs that say "Armor Duells/Orchard Park") 
Armor Duells becomes route 240 
Cross route 277, Chestnut Ridge Road 
Staying on route 240, route 240 becomes Ellicott 
Right at "T" in the Road (This is route 240 and Davis Road) 
Spider Grove is 2 miles down on your left, 1822 Davis Rd. Yellowish Beige House (across from the West Falls Bible Church at Behm Road).  
The dirt driveway leading into the grove is immediately BEFORE the house.
(Note: There are no signs that say Spider Grove)
If you pass Butterwood Deserts (on your right) or West Falls Fire Company (on your left), YOU WENT TOO FAR!



The whole gang on the hill at "Spider Grove". 


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Mark your calendars!
We'll see you again the last Saturday of every April.

Next year's run is April 30th 2005.