A Lil' Help Here

Sure thought I knew my stuff when it came to computers. Come to find out, the one thing I do best is break em'. It was much easier when I worked for a company that owned the ones I worked with, and if something went bad, call the "computer dude" ..problem solved. Well now I'm working for myself, four months and three computers later, I finally have to admit this ain't my Harley. I need to call in the professionals.

Last thing a Biker wants to do is ask for help. It's a pride thing I spoze. Even have a hard time accepting it when its meant with good intentions. Last week my sis asked me out for lunch and dropped a new Mac computer in my lap and said Here! I'm investing in you! Never asked for it, didn't want it, but… yes I did…Thanks Joan, very cool. I'll be back to mischief in no time. Sure is a lot easier to give than receive when it comes to help. Pride should have nothing to do with it. When someone is down we stand up and band together, after all we're Bikers, brothers and sisters, its what we do best. 

Many of you know a good brother of mine Dennis Kruszka from the Springville Travelers. Dennis is the kind of brother that if you told him you were digging a ditch, he'd be there at 7am with a shovel in hand, no questions. Last October Dennis suffered an aneurysm, then a stroke during surgery. I don't have to tell you that for Dennis and his family, this changes everything. It'll be quite some time before he's back on his feet and even longer before we see him squeeze a throttle again. But true to Biker form, you'll never hear him ask for help, the stubborn prideful breed we are. 

Well here's a time when we stand up for a true brother and friend. On Saturday February 25th at the Orchard Park fire hall, a benefit will held for Dennis and his family. Donations are only $25.00, but what's more important is that we be there! We need to show him how many people are on his side, and that Hey Brother! We love ya! We're investing in you! And that before ya know it, you'll be back to Dennis in no time. 

See you all soon! Ride free. ~Mischief~