Playin' catchup

Hey! I found my computer! It was hidden behind all the empty beer cans and ammo! At least that's my story, so lets run with it. Last we spoke, we were still playin "Where's Waldo" with Osama Bitch-slap-em, and I didn't have too many good things to talk about. But that was then, lets move forward and play catchup. What I really wanted to write about last was the awesome time we had at Hog Holiday, the annual Labor Day Party sponsored by Grott & Ruthie from the Hog Farm. We were in the middle of a move that weekend so we had to work during the day and go back to party at night. And of course when we got there we were way behind everyone so, play catchup we did indeed, which was easily accomplished thanks to "Fatty" from the Springville Travelers and his concoction of Jack, wild raspberries and scud missiles, I think. Unfortunately, I got very drunk, was speeding, not wearing a helmet, and fell off my favorite ride, Michelle.  Sorry Hon, I promise I'll be paying for that for the rest of my life, unless you don't remember, in which case I'm making this up.  


So skip into April annual Cyberspokes party and benefit. As I predicted last year, this one only gets better with age. This year's benefit was for The Food Bank of Western New York, I think we blew a few minds with the turnout and the donations considering the weather forecast was "iffy" for the day. Hey, who's not hardcore when it comes to a good party?

Next, The Lonelyone's M.C. Bike Blessing. (oily shit!! It's June already?) A great time as usual despite the chilly weather, although I stayed quite warm thanks to all my quality leather and having to drive my truck. Mischief just didn't wanna play I guess. Only one mishap that day and our prayers and best wishes go out to Paula O. Her first Blessing and she went down on the way home on her new Sporty. Get better Paula, and get back up on that horse. We have a lot of good times ahead of us! 

Till next we meet, Have a great summer all, and stay tuned for all the great parties to come, right here on this very Biker website!!