Daytona Bike Weekiand Biketoberfest are two of THE best biker events Cyberspokes has been to.  Some people say that it is now too commercialized, politically correct, and crowded but... it's still one helluva a PARTY!  Bikes, babes, parties, music, good people and more!  

It's impossible to do it all in a week but some of our personal recommendations are Sopotnick's Cabbage Patch, Iron Horse Saloon, Rat's Hole Chopper Show, Gilly's Pub 44, Boot Hill Saloon, Dirty Harry's, Destination Daytona, and Froggy's.  Oh yeh, and if you have time, I heard they even have something going on at the Daytona Speedway... ha ha. 

Below, you will find some pretty cool pictures of Cyberspokes in Daytona and we've also included some helpful resources to make your future trip to Bike Week a "one to remember".  Don't forget to check out Biker Billy, the only chef we know who cooks with Harley exhaust flames!

Cyberspokes at Daytona Bike Week


(left) Cyberspokes Prez & VP, Dave O & Sharon at the Boothill Saloon.  We forgot the name of  the bro in the Daytona Beach shirt, but he was cool to party with!  (right) Sharon hamming it up at the Iron Horse Saloon.  Hmm... there seems to be a "saloon" pattern here.

Sharon & Dave O. at The Rat's Hole Custom Chopper Show. The best show around! Check out those blowers.


-Bike Week is nice when your sick of the snow but Biketoberfest (in October) is a great chance to get out and ride BEFORE the snow starts!  This is the OFFICIAL Biketoberfest Event site sponsored by Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.  They have some great info here, BUT we think their "Loud Pipes Risk Rights" slogan is B.S..  I guess NEXT they'll want police and rescue vehicles to turn off their sirens so they don't interrupt grandpa's nap???
bulletThe Bar King Spiders - "Bar King Burnout Time!"
-Music Award Winners for "Best Rock Band" and always a Biker event favorite. Hard Tales Magazine, People's Choice Award for Best Biker Band! You are guaranteed to hear great music AND have a great time. Playing rock'in tunes by Allman Brothers, Creed, Ted Nugent, Tragically Hip, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynrd, Molly Hatchet, AC/DC, and much much more !!! The Bar King Spiders have been playing the biker music scene with their high decibel Southern and Classic Rock for the past ten years. Pleasing crowds from Buffalo to Daytona Beach! For bookings call Gary.
-Here you will find Event Listings, Merchandise, Places to Stay, Classifieds, Photo Galleries, Tech Tips, and even Live Cams.
-From the same folks that bring you Biketoberfest.com, this is the BikeWeek version of Event Listings, Merchandise, Places to Stay, Classifieds, Photo Galleries, Tech Tips, and even Live Cams.
-Maps, weather, events, classified, FREE STUFF Guide, Live Cams, Lodging, Night Clubs, and a really nice picture gallery.
-This website contains over 300 webpages of info about Bike Week & Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, Florida.  It includes event dates & schedules, motel & campground info, message boards, vendor info, concerts, and much more...
Henry's Daytona BIKE WEEK REPORT Banner
bulletDaytona Beach Fire/Rescue IAFF Local 1162
-The Firefighters from Daytona Beach Fire/Rescue IAFF Local 1162 are in the business of helping people and they are raffling off a Harley Davidson to raise funds for MDA and other charities.  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!  Looking for one of the coolest shirts around?  Check out their famous commemorative Bike Week Daytona Beach Fire/Rescue Shield and Bar T-Shirts!
bulletDaytona Bike Week
-Campgrounds, hotel, cool pictures & more.


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