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Fred Lima from Derby, NY sent us this picture of his kick-ass, fat-tire, high performance, Triumph Chopper he is building.  The picture above shows the actual frame, gas tank, and rear wheel & tire sitting comfortably in Fred's living room.  Everything else is "work-in-progress"  It's gonna be RADICAL!

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Dave and Suzee from Jamestown, NY

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Dennis Kruszka from Colden, New York is shown hear sitting on his 2000 Harley Davidson Twin Cam Softail.  Although it looks pretty damn spank'n new, Dennis has already put a boat-load of miles on it!  He and his old lady Michelle took a road trip down to North Carolina seconds after the factory paint dried!

Sally Shaw from Lancaster, New York has the whole Harley Gang here!  That's her daughter Becky with the Biker Mom shirt and the Harley Clock.  Her daughter Melissa is sporting the Harley shirt.  Sally's boyfriend Gary is the one with the Harley cap.  And of course Sally with the CYBERSPOKES SHIRT!!

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We usually don't publish any pix of folks NOT wearing a Cyberspokes Bikers T-shirt in this section but we had to make an exception for these guys.  That's P.W. (from Blasdell, NY) on the right with the awesome head tattoo, and Bill on the left with the Steelweavers head piece.

More pics on our Cyberspokes Facebook site!