I was gonna write about this subject a long time ago but.. Well hey I'm doin it now so that counts, right? Believe me, there's alot of things I should be doin right now but, never do today what you can put off till tomorrow, I figure. Last I wrote we were in the November elections snow plowin wood choppin mode. Seems it takes something major happinin or gettin yelled at to get the keyboard out, but like Gramma use to say...If you don't have anything dirty to say, don't say anything at all...

So, what a nice fukkin summer we're havin huh? Flashback to the Cyberspokes Food Bank Run in April. Cold n rainy and what a turn out! Not a lot of riders for the run but the party was a hit again. Great tunes, food, friends, and a great cause. Thanks To Milligan's pub for being such great hosts this year! Wouldn't even have made the run if it weren't for my bro Jason who let be borrow his road king. Mischief wasn't ready to roll because although I knew she needed TLC since last year and I was gonna take her to The Hog Farm for a new Bottom, well..I waited till the last minute to tear her down. 

Grott and Todd tried like hell to get me up in time but alas...the Bottom cases were shot and we had to order new or wait 5 weeks to send em out for machining. Well, new cases, rods, ect. Later, Mischief is back to her ol' self. Thanks a lot guys! Helluva good job! Even if ya dont ride I gotta tell ya, havin a fresh bottom end on your frame will put a smile on yer face everytime! 

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Why I put off dating again I can't figure. Prolly not enough time I spoze. Anyhow, summer's in full swing and the great times have begun! 

The Lonelyones MC Bike Blessing in May was a blast as usual, that was Mischief's maiden voyage this year and although I was runnin late, it was good to be back out among friends enjoyn what what we're all here for. FUN!. WNY summers are packed with Biker events, so check out the Cyberspokes Buffalo Biker Event Eye and ride on!!


p.s...wow I really miss writing these lil diddys..I'm gonna start doing this every week when I get a round tuit.

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