Frigid Nipple


Every morning, with the grace of God, I wake up, go through my morning routine, run outside and look for my shadow. Call it sick, but damnit, I wanna know how much longer before I can ride again. The only thing bad about living in upstate N.Y. besides taxes and Hillary (our newly acquired helmet lovin' fannyroid) is that we have a short (but sweet) riding season

This makes being a biker here a real challenge, kinda like stuffing 12 months of events into a 5 month bag. Now granted we're used to doin' the 4 wheel thing to the winter swap meets and fund raisers, but we usually get a few days in between where the temps hit in the 50s and60s. 

And we can get out and relieve our pent up throttle withdrawals. But noo! Not this year! It was so cold when we went to the skin and steel show in Rochester I was afraid to touch the metal door handle to get in, so I just cut a hole in the glass…………with my nipple!  (not really, BUT IT COULD HAPPEN!) Am I bitchen' about living here? Absolutely not! Just cabin fever gone a little postal. Believe me when I tell ya, I've been all over the country and there aren't too many places you'll find a better bunch of good hearted bikers , and no matter when ya come to visit, there's always a good biker event in the works. Just check out the Buffalo events section. And if ya happen to see my shadow, tell 'em I'm six weeks in front of 'em Cause fuck it………I'm ridein!  


Don't forget the Annual Party & Bike Run.

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