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Motorcycle Event Organizers, Promoters, Business Owners!   
Do you who want to make sure that you get the word out to as many bikers as possible?  A listing on Cyberspokes.com brings in the crowds and makes for a GREAT TIME FOR ALL!!!  

The simple procedure outlined below KEEPS THIS SERVICE FREE, so please do not ask us to make an exception for you. It would not be fair to those charities and organizations who support the cause. We keep an eye on all biker related resources and we are always out and about.

We can list your Motorcycle event for FREE, and all we ask in return is that you make a small mention of "Cyberspokes.com"  somewhere on all your event flyers and Facebook Event details. Some folks just mention, "This event is also listed onů" or  "We are also listed on...", or something to that effect, but we're not too picky. Whatever works best for you. Then email us a JPEG copy of your flyer to confirm.  You must also email us a paragraph of basic text with all the details you would like listed. Don't expect us to type everything out for you. A phone number is required in ALL event or business listings. Unfortunately Facebook Messenger is riddled with Spam, so Facebook Event Invites and Messages to us don't count as the required steps to get your event listed. We use email only to track event listings.

Please specify exacly what website or Facebook Event Page the flyer is posted to. Then we can share it with our 11,000+ followers!! If we notice that the flyer you sent us is the ONLY one with Cyberspokes listed on it, and we are not listed on your flyers elsewhere, we will assume your event is PRIVATE and promptly remove your listing.

We will list your event on our EVENTS page and also include it on our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group which goes out to over 11,000 WNY (Western New York) bikers. We regularly get THOUSANDS OF HITS per week to our website.   Many of the events we list also get included in many other web sites and publications, including Hard Tales Magazine - a full-color hard-copy WNY publication dedicated to bikers, their needs and lifestyles! Because Bike Nights typically happen every week or month, we do not send them out in our emailer. 

We are also on  Facebook and YouTube!


Why do we work for FREE?

We do this site as a FREE SERVICE to support the cause.
There is a huge cost of time and money involved in running this web site.
Some sites charge money to use their services, but that's not what Cyberspokes is all about!

Our #1 purpose is to support the Buffalo and Western New York motorcycling community while helping to promote fundraisers for charitable organizations and other biker-related causes. 
Cyberspokes.com has been around since 1999, which is a very long time as far as the Internet goes.

We specialize Buffalo and Western New York motorcycle events ONLY.
See our "About Us" page for more info on who we are.

Through our Buffalo & Western New York Events page, we provide an opportunity for motorcycle clubs, dealerships, vendors and individual motorcyclists to join together to make a positive contribution to the community and to the motorcycling image.  We are also the founders of the Annual Motorcycle Run and Car Cruise for the Food Bank of Western New York.

Remember, most flyers get thrown out or lost.  But if someone knows you were listed on "Cyberspokes.com - Cyberspace for BIKERS", they just have to hit the web and all your info will be at their finger-tips! Plus, it's a very easy website to remember.

It's a simple process we like to call the "Full-circle 360 Degrees of Cooperation".  By listing a small mention of  "Cyberspokes.com - Cyberspace for BIKERS" on your HARD-COPY paper flyers, you are virtually guaranteeing the chances that people will be able to find out about your event now AND in the future. Plus, you could feel good about yourself, because you will be helping other charities get their events noticed too!  

That's all there is to it. We try to keep it simple. Please email us if you have any questions.

Since we do this site as a FREE service to the motorcycling community, it is considered a hobby and we are pretty much not-for-profit. Remember, most flyers get thrown out or lost.  But if someone knows you were listed on Cyberspokes.com - "Cyberspace for BIKERS", they just have to hit the web and all your info will be at their finger-tips!

Feel free to download the "How to Organize a SUCCESSFUL Charity Motorcycle Run or Event" guide. It is VERY helpful for new and experienced motorcycle event organizers. 

If you are doing a "Bike Night"  follow these tips. Otherwise people will NOT come back. Having a bike night is easy. Having a SUCCESSFUL bike night is not.
Just saying you are having a bike night doesn't cut it.
Trust me, we have seen them come and go MANY times over the last 20+ years. 

Make sure you hand out printed flyers at all the local Bike Nights. There are still many "old school" bikers who are not active on Social Media.
This will also give you a great opportunity to see why the good ones regularly bring in the crowd and why the bad ones are a flop.
You should also create a Facebook Event Page.

Ten Tips To Running A Successful Bike Night 

1. Live Music OUTSIDE - And don't forget to keep the sound system and Deejay going when the band is on break. Keep the volume at a level where everyone can hear it but they can also easily hold conversations.

2. Bike Awards
- Preferably trophies or plaques, not just bar swag. 

3. Contests & Giveaways
- Something fun like motorcycle trivia, eating contests, best tattoo, longest beard/pony-tail etc. 

4. Vendors
- A great chance for local biker related businesses to show their wares. 

5. Drink & Food Specials
- Keep the crowd coming back every week by offering them good deals. 

6. Outdoor Beer Stations
- People should be able easily & quickly get a drink and walk around beer-in-hand OUTSIDE to check out the bikes in the lot. 

7. Adequate Paved Parking
- Make sure you provide a solid, secure, dedicated area for motorcycle parking with staff to help bikers properly park. Mark the area with pylons and signs. If you only have grass parking, you should provide kickstand pucks to riders that need one. If you are doing a car cruise but welcoming bikes, make sure you put a motorcycle on your flyers and advertising too. Otherwise it will appear that bikers are just an afterthought.

8. Raffles To Help Local Charities
- Invite local charity organizations to setup at your event to show your support. 

9. Weekday Bike Nights Are Best
- Start at 6pm or earlier during the week. There are already enough Motorcycle runs and events on the weekends. September and October Bike Nights should start even earlier. Check the Bike Night Calendars and try to pick a day where there aren't events already in your area.

10. Go April to October
- Start in late April or early May and run right through October. Don't miss out my ending yours too early in the season!

Cyberspokes.com is visited by thousands of bikers regularly so it never fails to "get the word out". We've also appeared on 97-Rock, 103.3 The Edge, WGRZ Channel 2 News, WKBW Channel 7 News and The Buffalo News, Easyriders Magazine, Biker Magazine, American Rider Magazine, Hard Tales Magazine, Thunder Press, Night-Life Magazine, ArtVoice Magazine, The Penny Saver, The SUN and The Erie County Independent.

"I couldn't believe what a big difference advertising with Cyberspokes.com made. The first time we had our event, only a handful of people showed up. After, I advertised the event with Cyberspokes,we had HUNDREDS of bikes show up! Thank you Cyberspokes!"

"Thank you so much for your help. We ask everyone at registration - How did you hear about our run?" and at least half says - Cyberspokes!!! Thanks again"
-Dawn Jelen 
Niagara Falls Firefighters Toy Fund Motorcycle Run

"Dave, You've worked soooooo hard as a Guy that does the RIGHT thing with Integrity and a Positive public Image. Your Reputation is sparkling! Keep up the good work."
All the best ! 
-Carl Russo

"Thanks for everything you do for the motorcycle community!"
Asphalt Apostles

"Your support means a lot to our organization!"
-Jeannette Shields
W.N.Y. Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.)

"David Owczarczyk and Cyberspokes has been very good to us for a very long time and has been the "Gold Standard" when it comes to getting the word out within the WNY biking community. We appreciate all the help and support you have given us over the years, and we are going to continue using Cyberspokes as our external event calendar of choice to publicize our events!"
-Dave Buyer
American Legion Riders #567 Southern Tier, NY Chapter

"Thank you for your help getting the word out about BBQ & Blues! We had more than one-thousand people in attendance! It was a beautiful night weather-wise - along with great food and music. We appreciate your support!"
-Cheryl Hagen 
Grant Writer & Donor Relations Specialist 
Gateway-Longview, Inc.


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Attn: Dave O.

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*Please note: We also now have a "Bike Related Services Page" if you are looking to find painters, safety courses, bike shipping and more stuff like that.