Yup..another winter is flyin by and all the off season events have been great, or so I'm told. Another birthday for me too in January, (thanks for all the cards and gifts. You Guys are Great!!) Thing about this last one is I feel like I'm doin 75 in a damn near 50 zone. I mean WTF! 


I now wear Glasses! I never knew how blind I was till I put these babys on and Wow! I mean Wow! Everything is soooo muuuch clearer! Unfortunately, everyone was much better looking before. whatchagonnado.. Just a sign of the fact that Im gettin old. So are you, so stop pointin'' and laffin! 


Puttin a lot of miles on Mischief is a little rough on my back so I Bought myself a geezer glide this year too. Yup..I did it. CD player, ass warmer, the works. NO I didn't trade in the shovel! I'm old, not stupid. 

OK..  stupid is round the corner too I spoze..  Couple of weeks ago I was headin out to the annual Springville Travelers Christmas Dinner and after gettin dressed and out the Door, My bro Dave called and informed me that Hey dummy.. that was last week! I missed it. whatchagonnado. 

Last week I figured I'd take a lil nap so I could be fresh for the ABATE of Buffalo/Erie Newsletter Fundraiser Party, always a good one, I woke up at 11p.m.  


I did however make the whole weekend for Hog Holiday sponsored by Grott and Ruth at The Hog Farm. Of course I couldn't sleep through that one, its four days long! This year I heard I bunch of people complain (mostly youngins) that it was too dry and dusty. What? Dry? isn't that why we have Beer? oh..t he bikes got dirty.. shame huh? The year before was a wash out, couldn't ride,  mud up to your knees, cold, cars stuck, crappy muddy wet and probably one of the BEST times I ever had! Thanks Grott. Notice that all that hung there were us old.. er.. I mean, seasoned Bikers? hmmm? 



This year science had another breakthrough in its search for a new anti-aging product. They've actually engineered a banana, Yes, A Banana, that has all the vitamins, nutrients, caffeine, and anti aging technology currently available. Look like a movie star, party like a rock star and boink like a porn star! Unfortunately, its a suppository. whatchagonnado. Hey I feel great after all! 



Seeyaz all at the Cyberspokes Food Bank Run!!