Kill da wabbit 

Or the weatherman. Which ever is more convenient. Although wabbits are tastier, they don't piss me off nearly as much.

For the first six weeks of riding weather, starting with the 3d annual Cyberspokes benefit run, all 3 local stations said it was going to be a wash. I however, openly called them soothsayers, and told everyone, PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! The result? 70 and sunny! 

The same with Easter, Mothers day, the annual Bike Blessing, Then Memorial Day. All supposed to be lousy weather, all just fine days. Why people still change plans and cancel events based on these predictions, I'll never know. Its almost comical to see them try and explain what happened. "Uh, the wind changed.....and um.....Our 6 million dollar Doppler radar system got peanut butter in it. 

Fortunately, Most people I know are hard core when it comes to riding. Grab a raincoat, sunglasses, and we're covered. The Cyberspokes Benefit Run for the Foodbank was the best ever, at my last count, 120 bikes showed. That was my first run for the year, and in honor of all the bikes who showed, I tried to do one mile per hour for every bike on the way home. Needless to say, this really brought a tear to my eye, in record time! 

Since then, I've decided to slow down a bit, take it easy, enjoy the ride. This is probably how I fell of the bike, and ruined the new paint job from Greg at First Place Finishes. Shit man...It was a cool one too. Sorry. First time in almost 18 years I went down . It had nothing to do with my skills as a rider, it was....uh...the wind changed, er ....umm..peanut butter in my 600 dollar brakes, or a small furry animal in the road?? Hmmm..Could be wabbit...could be.... 

Ride safe! 


    "Damn Shovelhead!"