Kim's Place

Just a note to all that I am now listing and selling on E-bay and have sold various motorcycle parts successfully. 

I am starting a part-time business selling stuff for others. I have the digital camera and the time to list things. I will take the pictures and do the shipping. E-bay charges roughly 10-12% to list and sell, and I only charge 20%.

Have you got any old parts, exhaust, OEM parts, jewelery, leather jackets, chaps, vests, DVD's, etc. just sitting around collecting junk?

If so, just drop me a note and drop them off. We are at 5142 Lake Avenue, Orchard Park, NY. 5th house East of Abbott on Lake.

I will list them and ship them for you, and then hand you cash. Better than looking at them in your garages or closets? Then, if you want something, I will search for it and bid on it for you and let you know if I find something.

I'm serious about this venture and invite everyone to bring their "stuff". Please call me with anything interesting.

Kim Ellerbrock



Kim  716-989-0017