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On With the Show

This is it!!!   Summer! Jam it all in, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, as fast and hard as we can cause we all know how fast its gonna go! Great start we had with the Annual Cyberspokes Food Bank Run, iffy weather and all, we had the best showing ever! 130 plus bikes in my rearview mirror last I counted, not to mention all who showed up on 4 wheels. Great spot this year too, Rhino's bar jammed us all in, the BarKing Spiders rocked the joint as usual. Special guest Michael Salerno shook everyone with his smokin' guitar solos. At only 18 Mike is sure to make a name for himself among the better blues guitarists, I'll bet! Ya just gotta sneak him in the bars for now. LOL! Anyhow, the best showing of support in numbers for the food bank too, 1,815 lbs. on food and $ 8,042 in cash donations. Hats off to all who flipped off the weather man and rode out is spite of the forecast. Great time. 

Hope everyone is enjoying 40 MPG on your bikes as often as ya can at four bucks a gallon..grrrrr..WTF! Don't get me started! If you're not boycotting Mobile/Exxon by now you should be! Record profits in the Hundred Billions! Of course the say that goes mostly into research..uh…research. (probably on ways to F@CK US HARDER) Maybe we can improve our mileage by putting sails on those stupid helmets that our senator and governor insist we wear. By the way, where are those people, Hillary and Elliott, out enjoying some good old fashion karma I hope? Ya like tomatoes? Hey I said not to get me started! Good thing we have good diversion from all this non- sense with a summer packed with events and runs almost everyday if ya like. Let's enjoy every moment of it and let all that swallow us whole. Speaking of swallowing me hole, I found this couch on the best of Craig's list and thought, I want that! I want to buy this as a token of appreciation for all you've done for us, Hilly and Elly..You deserve it. 
Shiny side up all! See ya soon.