Mr. Busy


"Mr. Busy" 

Ok, so once again my apologies for being way to involved with all the cool pre summer events to sit my ass down and write the monthly column again!  I mean, wasnít it just February?  Wasnít I just bitchiní about the weather?  Here it is mid June, and as always, (does this sound familiar?)  AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everything is going way too fast, every weekend is full, and in short Iím having a ball!  Thatís why Iíve been too damn busy to write.  (Actually, I did write one, but I was bad, and thereís a gag order) 

Anyhow, the official sign of summer for me is the annual LONELYONES M.C. bike blessing in mid May, and what a day!  Great weather, awesome bands, and most important, the new preacher said, "Bless you" to each bike that was there. (except Dave "O" he said, Gah~zoon~tight! )  Speaking of  Dave O, Cheers on a most excellent first annual Cyberspokes party!!  Again the sun shone upon us for the whole day, making those 10 am. Cocktails all the more refreshing!  I mean its not like we drank all day or anything like that, but.............. wait a minuet.......... yes we did. 

Like I said, it was a huge success, some expected more people, some expected less, we just expected a good time, and thatís exactly what we got.  This will, with out a doubt, grow into one the summers premier events!  I canít wait to do it again!  So as you can see my grueling schedule has kept me from getting down to the business of keeping everyone informed as my job title dictates. Sorry. Iíll write soon, I need time to relax!!


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