Whine & Cheese

The Evolution of Cocktailing

From:   Mischief

Ok, so every once and awhile you just need to let it loose. You know, kick back; let it all hang out.

And it seems with all the growing stresses and pressures of today's demanding world; I'd like to do this, oh, say, every waking moment.

It's not the same, as when I was younger and just wanted to party, now I need to party! It really helps my Boss go away. And besides, I'm with all my friends, right where I like to be. We've all that reoccurring dream of winning the lottery and turning into lazy bastards, crusin' the countryside on our custom scooters. Well since thatís not happinin' We've implemented an awesome alternative!

It's called, just gimmie a fuckin' excuse to party, and I'll be there. And it seems to be catching on. Last week we had our annual Wine and cheese party and polished off thirty-six, yes, thirty-six bottles of various wines! Imagine grown, mature, biker folk, acting this way! (Thanks to all who attended) and it started by me and my honey sittin' around the house one night drinking wine and sampling cheeses, when she said this would a great idea for a party! Now granted it's not as heart pounding as sneaking out of my bedroom window to party, but we have matured! Haven't we?

P.s. two things before I go, Dave, can I say fuck in this column?

And what's our next excuse?  

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