Child & Family Services


Together, you helped us raise

OVER $12,000

for Child & Family Services No Shave November!

For us bikers, this is a great chance for everyone to finally see what is hiding under all that burley facial hair. 
It might be good, it might be ugly, but it is definately for a GREAT CAUSE!
By supporting Child and Family Services, you help to provide food, clothes and shelter for women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence. With your support, we can counsel struggling youth in our community who suffer from bullying and anger management through the agency's Family Mental Health Programs.  
Through a small donation, we can continue to match a foster parent with a child or a sibling group who have been waiting for a stable and safe environment, and a place they can call home.  
You can help make a difference in the life of a child or family in need.

114 men and women from across Western New York and the United States chose to "Get Hairy for Charity."
As participants of No Shave November, individuals or teams refrained from shaving from November 1st to November 30th to raise awareness and funds for issues facing local children and families. Each participant encouraged friends and family to sponsor his hard (and itchy) work.
While we hope you had fun participating in No Shave November, 
we want to remind you that you've also brought hope and happiness to thousands of children and families who had little to none. 
On behalf of those we serve, THANK YOU! 

A huge thank you to the 40 generous people who helped Dave O. from Cyberspokes win 
"FIRST PLACE - TOP FUNDRAISER" with $1,110.00!
We also donated back a pair of 4th row Buffalo Bills tickets to Child & Family Services!
Paul Fedorsak - Kantor Law Firm
Gary Dellaneve - Bar King Spiders Band
Marylou Borowiak - Food Bank of WNY
Michele Hubert
Brad Watson
William Dyrek - Cisco Systems
Robert Shaw
Sharon "Sharzi" Avins
William Lickfield
Darlene Karalus
Carolyn & Mike Dubicki
Robert Alvarez - Ingram Micro
Maureen Antonucci - Ingram Micro
Becky DeLisle
Jessica Sorrento
Karen Dorsey
Joseph Boylin
Chet & Mar Owczarczyk
Jennifer Houle - Armor Inn Tap Room
David Martin
Michael Moretti
Damian J Ruzbacki - ABATE
Greek to Me Restaurant
Bobby - 3GGrafix.com
Suzette Smith
Rick and Shirley Niedermeyer
Gabriel Munoz
Laurie & Mitch Gawrys - The Strangers Band
Sally Hora
Big Mike's BBQS
Steven Hofbauer - Ingram Micro
Jeff Cooperman - Ingram Micro
Christopher Cote
Kelly Stechenfinger
Gary Pelletier
Beverly Lanza
Robert Kuhn - ABATE
Denise Romeo
Sally Bachowski
Kathy Richeal - Ingram Micro


For those of you who may have missed the Shave It Off Event, 
here are our prize/incentive winners! 


Top Fundraisers

1st Place: Dave Owczarczyk ($1,110.00)

2nd Place: Joe Levy ($802.89)

3rd Place: Dustin Trammel ($630.00)

4th Place: Matthew Tokarz ($550.00)

5th Place: Justin Zaprowski ($490.00)


Top Fundraising Team: 

Noshemberists ($1,095)


Photo Contest Winners

Babyface: Rob Santos

Most Original Beard: Andrew Carter 

Gingerbeard: Matt Engelhardt

Best Overall Beard: TIE - Joshua Correia and Mark Kuntz

For questions regarding No Shave November or Child and Family Services, 
please contact Erica Kuntz at 716-335-7027 or ekuntz@cfsbny.org