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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 
         with Evad & Dave O. 

Evad Semaj' Cyberspokes Chief Computer Engineer                                   "Dave O" Cyberspokes President.  Notice the "duct tape tool" ??

Well, we definitely can't claim to answer ALL your questions but ... we figured that, if we could convince BOTH these guys to put their heads together we would stand a pretty good chance of getting at least SOME of the questions answered.  It has been said that Evad Semaj' and Dave O. work so closely together that they're one-in-the-same!

Just a few ground rules to set your expectations.  Dave O. has been know to turn a wrench or two but he is NO MASTER MECHANIC.  Ya think he would need duct tape to fix the above pictured Harley if he was?  Evad is pretty amazing when it comes down to troubleshooting computers and finding cool stuff on the Internet but he is NO MASTER HTML PROGRAMMER. Now that we got that out of the way... Let's ROCK!

Please note: We HIGHLY encourage you to patronize your LOCAL BUSINESSES FIRST.  Then, if they can't help you... "Ride the Net".


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